RAM Mount Install (Video)


I’ll be using the following parts from www.ram-mount.com :

No-Drill™ Laptop Mount for the Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650, F-750 & Excursion

Part ID: RAM-VB-D-110-1-254U
RAM Double Swing Arm with a 2 1/4″ Socket Connecting to a 2.5″ Diameter Ball Base

The purpose behind this segment is to build a platform to allow you to use a computer safely inside of a vehicle. I’m doing my demonstration in a truck but the site has several types of mounts for all vehicles along with tablets, phones, and GPS devices just to name a few.

Assembly is simple with the No-Drill setup. Simply remove the necessary bolts and replace them with the ones provided in the kit. RAM Mount also has mounts that fit in a cup holder or attach to the seat with no bolt removal at all.

The tray itself will allow up to a 17” laptop but I would recommend a 10-15” for less shaking while driving.

I am asking for suggestions on which direction the community would like to go with this project or to continue at all. Please leave suggestions.


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  1. Hey Ross,
    Great video on installing the RAM Mount. Though I did have one question. Where exactly does the first brace connect? Are those the front seat factory mounting brackets? Also on the vertical bar do those spacers expand outward to hold the vertical bar in place? Overall a good video though. Keep it up!

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