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I’ve been using the ROKU XD now for a month. I have to say this little box has been one of the best investments I’ve made in technology in a long time. I picked up mine at Best Buy after learning that it was going to be getting HBO GO. I set up the box in the bedroom to use it to access Netflix and HuluPlus, once both accounts were set up I decided to see what other services were offered and were surprised to find many of my favorite tech podcast channels. This includes; twit, revision3, podnutz, C|net and many more.


The set up is very simple, connect the power and your option of either the included A/V cable or an HDMI (not included) cable. Once connected and powered on you go though a simple set up to connect to your wireless connect and then register the device. The version I purchased includes 1080p and expandable memory for games. The menu is very user friendly and simple to use that even children can navigate it easily, the only real navigating problems I’ve ran across are in the specific services where each one is slightly different and take a little getting used to. The streaming quality is excellent also despite being wireless. In addition to the simple and easy to use remote are the remote apps that work with it. I have the app on both my HTC EVO and Nook Color. The setup for both is easy, just scan for the device or set the IP address and works simply as the remote.

For addition models and options included go to The ROKU boxes range from $50 – 100 and is well worth the investment not only for tech types but for your average user. With the variety of services included included with ROKU both free and pay I would recommend these devices be put on wish lists.


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