Are mixtapes making a come back?


A few weeks ago, I was hanging out in the chat room ( with one of our community members, Moonlit. We were having a fairly heated conversation about how music has gone to shit and how a lot of people will never know the magic of the mixtape. We decided right then and there to create a thread on the forums for music that represented our favorites that may never see the light of day again on radio, but were still magical and fantastic in their own rights… (Forum Thread)

We immediately realized our folly in trying to create a single list and decided to split the list into two categories, dance as well as non-dance. We started listing as many songs we could think of that we found near and dear to our heart… inviting others to propose songs as well… then created a playlist containing these songs on youtube…

Moonlit took it upon himself to create a visual representation of The New Tech’s Mixtape with side 1 and side 2 labelled accordingly… then just this morning I found a website dedicated to the very same cause we took up whilst creating our lists:

A site created for the sole purpose of recapturing the love of sharing music with our friends in haphazard and uncontrolled ways… but they’ve even improved upon the idea by creating a visual representation of the tape playing and even including more sources than just YouTube playlists… They also include SoundCloud and Vimeo links…

From Richard Mai at Everyone’s Mixtape:

Everyone’s Mixtape celebrates the art of creating mixtapes. You can add to an existing mix, or start one of your own. Share with the world, your friends, or that girl from science class.

Everyone’s Mixtape is not about adding songs and hitting shuffle. It’s about the time you looked at a cassette’s length as a challenge. About the time you stayed up most of the night making sure all the tracks flowed from song to song. It’s about the time your heart skipped a beat when the boy from science class handed you your first mixtape.

It’s more than a playlist.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating the exact duplicates to The New Tech’s Mixtapes on the site…

The New Tech Mixtape Side 1 (Dance)
The New Tech Mixtape Side 2 (Non-Dance)

I encourage everyone in our community to take advantage of the site, and to add songs in our forum they’d like to see on the mixtapes… music isn’t gone. It just needs some love…


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