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Its been a while since I’ve sat down and just written a blog article… I know we wanted to have at least a weekly update for the blog when we originally got started, and we’ve been failing at keeping that schedule… along with other schedules.. (cough cough, episode 2 took forever, cough cough).

This week has been one HELL of a week for me. A roller coaster of emotions and dramas that I just wanted to share. Originally, I was planning on writing a post about a fabulous product, whilst not necessarily techy, but still fantastically useful: Mother’s Back To Black Polish.

My car is a Black 2007 Dodge Magnum… I’ve done some mod work on it before, and have basically done all the maintenance to it since acquiring the vehicle last year… After this past winter and into this spring, I’ve noticed the trim pieces on the window surrounds and the windshield getting paler and more sun worn… this is extremely annoying on a black car. For me it was like picking up a delicious chocolate chip cookie, biting into it, and then realizing its a damn oatmeal raisin cookie and your hopes and dreams were all bullshit. OK, maybe not that bad, but its still frustrating to have your car look nice, but some small plastic pieces looking sun-bleached and weather-worn. After doing some research on how to restore the trim (without replacing it), I purchased Mother’s Back To Black from Amazon for only $8 (LINK).

After waiting for a cool morning to do the work, I was amazed… flabbergasted… just down-right impressed at the results. Just look at them and be amazed as well:
Ugly and OldPretty and New
Ugly and OldPretty and New

You can see on the last picture on the door trim pieces that Mother’s Back to Black leaves a residue on the other parts of the car, so you definitely want to clean that up when you’re done… but the results are spectacular.

So, after doing this on Sunday morning, I proudly drove my car into work on Monday… and my transmission died.

Really. It gave up the ghost… How frustrating is that? At least I was able to hobble it back home to Williamsburg and into the dealership to have the transmission repaired. The cost of the repair: $3,500. When I heard that, I thought to myself, “Where the hell am I going to come up with $3500?”

Luckily, I didn’t have to. As it happens, dealerships don’t close their books for the monthly sales numbers on the weekends… and April 1st was a Sunday, so they closed out March on Monday, April 2nd. There was also a Buy-Back sale going on during the month of March… and they were ridiculously close to meeting their sales goal for March and were willing to wheel and deal to get their goal sales number. I took advantage of this… terribly.

My wife drives a 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT. It was purchased in 2009 for roughly $10,000. We owed nothing on it. The dealership wanted to buy it back… They wanted to make their sales numbers on selling 2012 cars… I needed to get my Magnum fixed… There was a sweet poster of a Challenger SRT-8 on the wall featuring George Washington…

So, here’s what happened:

We sold them the Caliber for about $8500 (Not bad at all when you think about it)… That money went to cover the Magnum repairs as well as a down payment on a new 2012 Jeep Patriot Sport 4×4 for the wife… The dealership made their sales numbers for the month due to our purchase, garnering them a steak dinner for everyone that worked there…. and yes, I got my poster as well:
Damn Right.

TL;DR I restored my car’s trim, blew the transmission, got it fixed for free, and got a sweet poster too.

Moral: Dealerships are willing to do anything for sales numbers… you just need to know when that happens.


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