Installation of Endian Community Firewall part 1


Endian Firewall Community Edition

I’ve been meaning to set up my personal router/firewall for some time now. Currently I’m using your standard off-the-shelf Linksys router to run my network. This being my first home setup I don’t have anything else to compare it to other than a few commercial routers and firewalls. The following is a how-to for the installation and configuration of Endian Firewall (Community Edition), along with explanations on what some setting mean.


Boot up is your typical Linux distribution. Once booted up the first screen you come to is the language selection. There are only three languages available: Deutsch, English, Italiano. I’ve selected English.

Next is confirmation that you want to install the software and where it will be installed. Say “yes” to continue.

Do you want to enable console over serial. This setting is if you want to be able to locally administer the firewall. This is ideal if you forgot your password and want to reset the password.

Next is the Appliance Installer, this may take a while depending on how fast the transfer is between the installation media and the hard drive.

Configure the GREEN interface. This is the interface that is on your internal network and allows you access to configure the firewall.

Installation is finished. It is important to write down the following address: http://efw-community and https://efw-community:10443 . After selecting “OK” the system will restart.

Boot Progress

This is the menu you are presented with after the system is completely booted. At this point you can remove your keyboard, mouse and monitor. You will be able to do the rest of the configuration remotely. You will configure the passwords through the GUI interface.

To connect to the GUI I started up FireFox (any browser should do) and typed in the address of the machine using https and was presented with this. Select “I understand the Risks.”


Click on “Confirm Security Exception.”

You are now at the Welcome Screen of your firewall.



This is the initial installation of the Endian Community Firewall. The following steps are the configuration of the ports.

To be continued….





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  1. This is my first go at an x86 router/firewall. This is the first part of a two part article. The second part is going to be the actual configuration of the router/firewall. I am in the process of getting the ECF (Endian Community Firewall) to not conflict with my wireless router which I want to use as an access point.

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