I love the Internet


Seriously. I freaking love the Internet… and its not for the easily accessible and high grade porn that is so feverishly splayed across almost every page of the place either.

I love the Internet because of the creativity it spawns in people to build things and challenge themselves. Ever since the addition of Flash and Java, the Internet was a place to create beautiful websites that were more like works of art instead of the standard static crap we were used to seeing.

The first website I visited that started reacting to my mouse movements and changing based on position of the cursor, almost as if it was a modern art piece, blew my mind. But, now, if your website DOESN’T have simple mouseover effects, its lame. The Internet has turned into a creative competition using code the likes of which has never been seen before…

Coders (artists even?!) are pushing themselves and the code further and further along every day… I’m just amazed by some of the things I’ve seen online contained within a browser and I think back to the days where dial-up tones and shitty DOS-based games were cutting edge.

Now you can PLAY those shitty DOS-based games within a browser window! For their 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein, Bethesda Software released a fully playable Wolfenstein 3D browser version.

Wolfenstein 3D

And then, as cool as that is… some coders have emulated ENTIRE GAME SYSTEMS in JavaScript, HTML5, and others…
GameBoy Color


And if that wasn’t enough… some folks have decided that emulating the software of a game system wasn’t enough and started emulating an iPad2!

All of these things are just awesome, but oddly enough, none of these are as special to me as this:
Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Not only does SMBC emulate almost every game system in the Nintendo repertoire, but you can play through the SMB original levels with any of the classic NES characters! I find myself breaking out a gamepad and losing myself for at least an hour or two each time I inevitably land on their site to kill time…

The Internet is endless with jewels and gold pieces abound, but not for nothing, it wouldn’t be anywhere with the creatives and coders that are willing to push the boundaries of the code on which it was written.


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