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Over the years of wasting time on the internet I have found many sites focused solely on passing time, though none of them motivated me to push my technological creativity more than Grynx.com.

To be honest Grynx was one of those sites that was in the back of my mind when creating this site… Though now that Grynx has slowed to an absolute crawl, I still find some of the projects and information listed there to be quite fantastic. It was on that site that I first realized the power of the binder clip, the beauty of a hard drive clock, the daring of someone who spills wine in a running laptop. Grynx had a good flow of information for a while… and I checked the site daily, hoping for some new article to be posted showing me some unsolved mystery being resolved technologically. It didn’t matter to me that the mystery wasn’t anything I’d thought about ever before… it mattered that we could solve any problem (imagined or otherwise) with just a few bits of tech and a few moments of time.

What’s my point in all this? Grynx.com has been dormant since 2009… which makes me sad, but I can understand that life and work come first and can make it hard to keep motivated for years and years. Founder Chris J deserves a round of applause, if not a special place in our hearts…

So, we should email him.

That’s right, let’s email Chris J of Grynx and tell him how much we appreciate everything he did for us from 2005-2009 (even if you didn’t ever visit Grynx.com). I’m going to invite Chris to join us here in our community… hopefully he responds to his Grynx mail still…

For those who clicked-through to Grynx and also want to email him, his email is: chris1@grynx.com

(I wonder if he’ll write back…)


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