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I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on a Dell M6600 for my job. The model I have includes 16GB of RAM, Intel i7-2760 CPU @ 2.40GHz, a 256GB solid state drive, NVIDIA Quadro 3000M graphics card and BluRay drive. It also has an additional drive bay for expanded hard drive space along with a slot for a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) adapter.

The external ports that I was looking forward to utilizing ere the USB 3.0 and DisplayPort. It does came with the typical HDMI, USB 2.0, VGA, RJ-45, SD card, mic/headphone jacks and so on. What had me excited about the USB 3.0 and Display ports is that I have never had the opportunity to use them. I have had a USB 3.0 external hard drive for some time and wanted to see how the data transfer faired. I have extremely happy when I transferred 20GB’s of movies from my external to the SSD.

Initially I was not intending to use the DisplayPort but when I wanted to play a movie on an additional monitor it would not allow digital play back through the VGA port, only allowing playback through the HDMI or DisplayPort. The monitor I am using only has VGA and DVI ports requiring me to purchase a DisplayPort to DVI adapter.

The reason behind such a powerful mobile workstation is that I have a need to provide the basics of an enterprise network that includes email, SharePoint and an internal chat client. Instead of shipping a small server to support training events I can take this laptop and provide the same capabilities using virtual machines.

As a test using PowerDVD to play a BluRay movie on the external monitor and then started VMware Workstation 8 to run an Active Director, Exchange and SharePoint server. I was watching the movie play back to see if there was any lag or the quality went down, neither of which happened.

I am overall very pleased with the M6600 and would consider it for a desktop replacement if it wasn’t for the price starting at $2223 on the Dell website and does not include all of the specs on my current machine which runs in at around $3500. I can see this laptop working well for the hardcore gamer, video editor or sysadmin who wants to build and run multiple VM’s at one time.


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