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I will be creating a tutorial for this, I’ll actually begin typing it immediately after I submit this for review.


I have always had a love and passion for computer and technology in general. Several years ago I peaked a really big interest in IPTV shows, this interest grew rapidly. Currently my storage setup contains 6.5TB of disk space, half of which is used for backups, I had been archiving shows that I enjoyed. I give Famicoman of the IPTVArchive the credit for my new habbit, nearly everything I have has come from this archive being that its such a large and well laid out archive of tech content.

I ended up starting TelevisedBeta, it was basically a youtube type site but dedicated to tech based IPTV shows, the site never really picked up much traction seeing as the videos have been mirrored to numerous other websites.

Finally we switched to internet only based television, we cut the cable, or.. dish rather. This was great! Cheap tv and great shows, or at least ok shows. I’m a tech guy, always have been. We had been using a media center I built but my parents never really could figure it out and so, we still had the dish. The roku was intended to solve that problem and it did, however in the process it created a new problem.. No tech content!

Don’t get me wrong, Roku has Revision3 (cough, sell outs) and they have Derby Con but that wasn’t enough content for me, and I had a feeling that it wasn’t enough tech content for much anyone else in our interest level. I then set out on the task of creating a roku channel of my own.

This is the result:

Install It:

For more information regarding what is presented in the channel, you can check out the forum thread that led to this series of articles:


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  1. TheCorrosiveOne on

    🙂 Nice mike.
    Well Scott, I will look into it but.. I’ve never heard of it until now.
    When I started there was no way to create a roku channel without tons of cash or knowledge to program in brightscript.

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