Configuring Your Router as a Wireless Repeater


In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to configure one of your routers as a repeater, and connect it to your primary router that’s set as an AP, and get online with it. I am using two linksys routers, one is set the AP and the other is configured to be a repeater. Both routers are running DD-WRT. I am using my connection, and do not suggest you do anything illegal with this tutorial. Using your router as a repeater to steal someone else’s wireless is illegal and a felony in most states – don’t do it, it’s not worth going to jail over.

Tools: 2 Linksys routers. The router I’m using as a repeater is the Linksys WRT54G v8. I forgot what the version of my AP is. If you’re really that interested, let me know and I’ll find out for you.

In this exercise, my computer is connected to the router-repeater via ethernet cable, I’m using a cat5e cable. Make sure you have your WPA2 password written down.

Open your browser and navigate to your router. My router’s ip address is, log into it and change the local ip address to  It’s not a requirement that we use a different DNS server, but I like to do it, anyway. The DNS servers I’m using are and (OPENDNS). Also, you can set a static ip and gateway address instead of using DHCP, if you want.  Click save settings. (don’t apply, just yet)

Click on the Wireless Tab and change the wireless mode to repeater. You are going to set your SSID as the same one that your other router is set to. In my case, it’s int0x80. Then click add virtual interfaces, and this is the part that makes everything work. Assign a unique SSID, make sure SSID broadcast is enabled and click save.

Go to the Wireless Security tab, set the security mode to the same as the one your other router is using. In my case it’s WPA2 Personal and AES. Then set the security mode for the virtual interface to be the same thing as the physical interface.

Next, we need to disable the firewall. I think this is just a bug in the firmware for the router that I’m using, but I haven’t verified it yet. But for whatever reason, if the firewall is enabled on the repeater, it won’t connect to my AP. If you have a router that isn’t 5 years old, the firewall may work; the only way to find out is to test it yourself. After you disable it, click apply so the changes will be take effect.

Remember that we set the router IP Address to  so it will be on a different subnet than the AP. That’s the address you’ll need to navigate with to connect to your router. Near the bottom of the page, you will see the repeater establishing a connection with the AP. In the upper right hand corner, your WAN IP should change to LAN IP address, meaning that you’ve successfully connected to the internet.

Now open your browser of choice and you should be connected to the internet. Enjoy.


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