Powershell: Checking a Domain Controller for Journal Wrap Issues


Difficulty: Beginner

So, do you have a site that group policy doesn’t seem to be applying to? Is Replmon not displaying any replication issues? Have you checked the server File Replication Logs and noticed an error about JOURNAL WRAP? Well, this powershell script may come in handy to detect this error on your other Domain Controllers!

This guide will teach you how to scan Active Directory for Domain Controllers (DC) and then check the File Replication Service log on each DC for the most recent error (which is usually Journal Wrap).


  • Quest Active Directory snap-in for PowerGui

## Check a Domain Controller for Journal Wrap error in the File Replication Service log

Get-QADComputer -ComputerRole DomainController |
ForEach-Object {
$DC = $_.NAME
$DCHostName = $DC
Write-Output “Checking the File Replication Service event log for Journal Wrap events on $DCHostName… `r”
## Grabs the most recent event in the File Replication Service event log.
## The last event is logged usually Journal Wrap
$DCEvents = Get-EventLog -ComputerName $DCHostName -LogName “File Replication Service” -Newest 1
$DCFRSEvents = $DCEvents | Select-Object TimeGenerated,EventID,Source,Message

ForEach ($Event in $DCFRSEvents)
IF ($Event.EventID -eq “13568”)
Write-Host “$DCHostName has logged a Journal Wrap in the event log. `r ” -fore Red

Now, once you’ve identified the servers that are in Journal Wrap you’re now ready to begin the process of repairing it. Hop on over here http://www.squidworks.net/2011/09/ntfrs-journal-wrap-errors-detected-on-domain-controller/ for the how-to guide on repairing this issue.



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