I love the Internet … part 2


Earlier this year I wrote a blog post talking about how much I love the Internet for its creativity… the emulation in a browser of games, devices, etc…

You can read that HERE if you missed it.

This blog post is just a continuation of that… the Internet CONTINUES to blow my fucking mind. Does anybody else remember the game that started the isometric RTS strategy game craze? Sure it wasn’t the FIRST RTS, but it definitely set the standard for almost every one that followed… anyhow… the game was Dune 2. A fantastic continuation or reimagination of the Frank Herbert books. I suppose it was aimed to be a sequel to the original PC game Dune… which was more of a click-through adventure like MYST or King’s Quest… but either way, the multi-faction aspect of Dune 2 made this game fantastic. I may have strayed for a bit and gotten lost in memories, but my point is this… it is now fully emulated online!

Check it out here!


Now, instead of an emulation… this group created a whole new concept… very out of this world and crazy, but still just as fun to play:

Yes, you read that right. You play through a world that is mostly shitty pixel art that is addled with “dust in the cartridge” visual glitches that are infecting everything…

The soundscape and effects are comprised of Skrillex tracks and samples… of course. Played with the spacebar and arrow keys… it’s games like this that blow my mind at the thought and creativity that keeps coming out of the Internet day after day… The gameplay is pretty easy going and is a compilation of Sword & Sworcery and Zelda… so it has all the funky elements you’d expect from S&S as well as the feeling of trudging around and exploring in Zelda. All in all, an amazing online effort.

I wasn’t planning on writing a continuation to my original blog post, but sometimes the Internet doesn’t give us a choice when it shoves this much awesomeness in our face.


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